Stephen Bautista

stephenStephen came to Creative Soul about six years ago to produce his first solo album “Abandon”. It was a strong first outing by this talented songwriter, and smooth vocalist. A few years later we worked together on his second release, the personal and intimate “Childlike Faith”.

Stephen and Creative Soul have both seen a lot of changes, and are kicking into high gear together. His amazing song “Going Solo” opens the We Are Creative Soul project, and he is also hard at work with producer and Creative Soul president Eric Copeland on his third release.

Living the Dream
Many Christian artists we work with (well, ALL of them) dream of one day leaving their day jobs and working full-time on their music ministry. Well, Stephen has done just that. He is currently touring the country with his wife, 7 children (not a typo!) and a dog. Creative Soul is very proud to be part of this working, effective, and successful ministry.

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