Tom Dolan

Be With You
(Words and Music by Tom Dolan)

bewithyou1“I was practicing one of my earlier songs called “Find You There” from my first CD with Eric down in Nashville. It’s a beautiful song with an awesome string arrangement that I’d written for a friend I’d played in a band with for quite a few years. The song was about God finding you even in the deepest dark places, and I wanted to go over it for a church service that weekend.”

It always touches me to sing these songs and this time was no different. As I was finishing up, I started playing this little melody, and all of a sudden, I had the first verse and chorus, just like that. Some songs take a while to develop, but this was amazingly quick. It’s like God was giving me a sequel to the other song, and I just knew I needed to get it all down. I don’t usually write songs from God’s perspective, but this song was different. I hope you get as much encouragement from “Be With You” as I have.

In Christ, Tom


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