Dee Emeigh

Speak to the Storm
(Words and Music by Dee Emeigh)

storm1When our reality is a bad dream we want to run away from, but our feet are fixed in the mud and there seems to be no way out… When it is so dark we cannot begin to find our direction, but we must choose one… When the storm within us is raging so violently we can’t imagine how we are going to make it… When there is no possibility of acting as if nothing’s wrong, because everything is wrong…

These are the desperate, dark moments when the faintest tinge of hope shines the brightest. It may arise from something we passed while channel surfing. “God loves you.” It may be a prayer we learned as a little child, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” It may be a stained glass window picturing Jesus with the little children. “Come Unto Me.” Or, maybe it was a song that caught our attention on the radio, “Allelujah, Allelujah,” and something stirred within us. It was there and we desperately want it to be true…now.

Is it enough, this frail hope? Is it enough for the God who made the universe to enter? Does He hear? Does He care? Is He real? We steady ourselves with the glowing coal of hope. It is the only bright thing we have.

And then, we realize that this hope is the only hope there is for calming the raging storm within. We see a break in the clouds. We can breathe. We can know that someone greater than ourselves is there with us and that somehow it will work out, because if we got through this, we can get through other things we never thought possible. We can know that even if it does not turn out as we hoped, our hope is now in someone who has the power to make all things new and bright, and good. Beyond our pain, beyond our understanding, we sense His unmistakable peace and we can go on. – Dee


Dee Emeigh (pronounced Amy) is a seasoned singer and performer. Her experience features solos with choirs and choruses, lead roles in musicals and worship teams, and inspirational speaking and singing engagements. Find out more at