Creative Soul Artists

Hope and Healing
(Words and Music by Eric Copeland)

coverThis song and album started with one goal: to provide a set of songs to those who were hurting and looking for hope and healing.

One of the hardest things for us to do in life, especially when hard times hit, is to look to God and trust that He will bring us through the tumult. We have to let go, and let God take care of it. It’s not at all easy.

We have to run to God, try to find some peace in the situation, and then let His grace cover us. We close our eyes and speak into the storm we are facing. If we listen, we can hear God saying that He is with us. He knows our pain and has experienced it, and can promise us we will see him and our love ones on the other side.

I pray you find the peace in listening to this album, and that it touches your heart and spirit in tough times.

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