Kerensa Gray

This Is Your Pain
(Words and Music by Eric Copeland and Kerensa Gray)

Time heals all wounds.  Everything happens for a reason.  God has something so much better in store for you.  This pain is a learning experience so you can help others.

thisisyourpainI’m sure you’ve heard them all from well-meaning family and friends who just don’t know WHAT to say. I’d venture to bet that you have even said them to yourself; these sage expressions meant to convey hope and healing but here is the hard truth.  Not every wound heals.  You lean to live with it.  You learn to push it aside and pretend to get on with life – to pretend to be normal.  You smile a forced smile, and after a while you find (quite by surprise) that your genuine smile has returned, you find love and laughter and begin to relish “normal” again… but it’s there, it’s always there.

“This is my Pain” is my wound; my heartache, my inability to “let go and let God”.  I have laid this wound at His feet more times than even I know.  I have sobbed in the silence and sorrow and screamed with rage at the top of my lungs at Papa.  I know He hears me.  I know He loves me and wants to take the hurt away.  I know…and still.  I will keep trying to let him take this pain, this obsession, this apple from me.   This is a journey and I am not alone.  Neither are you.  – K


20th Annual Billie Holiday Vocal Competition winner Kerensa Gray is often compared to the likes of jazz royalty – Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald and contemporaries such as Diana Krall.  She has shared the stage with artists such as Stellar Award Winner Isaiah Thomas and opened for Grammy and Dove award winners CeCe Winans and Vickie Winans.  Find out more at