Jen Haugland


(Words and Music by Eric Copeland and Jen Haugland)

“You will keep in perfect peace, Him whose mind is stayed on you.” Isaiah 26:3

peace1Life is hard and chaotic much of the time. Sometimes it may seem like everything is closing in on you and things are too painful to deal with. You might be immobilized based on your fears as you look around the world today. When everything is raging around you, you may think or say, “God, do you not care about everything that is going on around me? Do you not see how I am suffering and afraid? Are you asleep and inattentive to my need or the things of this world?” (Mark 4:39)

When you are willing to call on Him for help, He will show you He is right there for you, speaking out on your behalf at your storm, “Peace! Be still!” and He will bring the calm into your heart that’s needed. The secret is keeping your focus on Him. When you remain focused on Him, anything can come at you and you can be confident that He is in control. If He can orchestrate the universe and the world within it, He will certainly take care of the deepest and most personal details of your life and bring you His perfect peace.

Peace to you, my brother and sister in Christ.  Love, Jen


Jen Haugland is a breath of fresh air, with a genuine heart for people, uniquely honest vocals, and thoughtful, touching lyrics. Find out more at