Quick Facts

  • For new artists
  • A Finished, Marketable Single
  • Included on “We Are Creative Soul – Discoveries” Compilation Release
  • Press release to Christian Media
  • Each artist pitched to Word Records
  • 30 copies of compilation
  • Setup to CDBaby, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more

About the Project

This will be a 5-10 song project featuring new artists to Creative Soul Records and will be under our “We Are Creative Soul” brand.

We will be looking for exciting new artists to present to the world, let them have a new amazing single, and also get going with things without the expense of a whole project.

The deposit is only $100 to get started, with a total to Creative Soul of $600. Tracking costs will be $550-600, vocals and mix are $500. Everyone will contribute $100-300 to a photoshoot and design as this is a very important part of this project.

Total cost will be about $1800-200 for a new single, plus 30 initial copies (you can order more if you like). You will have full ownership of the song, and we will help you get it up online to Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more.

The really exciting part of this is we will work with one of our amazing publicists in Nashville to put out a press release to Christian media about the artists and this compilation. Also, we will be shooting behind the scenes pictures and video along the way. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and good way for any new artist to get started that can’t afford to do a full project. We will be also sharing each artist individually with the head of A&R from Word Records, so who knows…you may be the next “Discovery”.

How to Get Involved

Take a look at the other projects we have done in this brand, as well as exploring our sites and if you need more info.

Then, let’s talk by email and start the conversation about you being involved.